Wills & Estate Planning

Wills for clients ranged from estate of $ 50,000.00 to over five millions. Those at the higher end involved estate planning covering trusts, re-titling of properties and wills with disclaimer provisions.

Related Cases

Case 1

One elderly client who was hospitalized for diabetic related illness requested my office to draft a "special needs trust" which was done successfully.

Case 2

A life insurance trust valued about five milliion USD ws drafted for a client who owns several businesses.

Case 3

One client's will had to incorporate the disclaimer provisions in the will which had to be complied with the federal and state law and its requirements.

Case 4

Some clients commonly come to my office, husband and wife, who want their wills executed which they both have common beneficiaries and functionaries. Their estate is usually less than $ 500,000.00. The New Jersey estate tax threshold begins at $ 675,000.00. Any estate above that limit is subject to New Jersey state estate tax. Federal estate tax threshold is above five million, just for reference.

Case 5

One common question my clients pose is that they have property abroad as well as in the USA, and how they can protect it from beneficiaries abroad or to disentangle it? I draft certain provisions into their wills accommodating their concerns and intentions accordingly.