Real Estate

Closings ranged from condominium units, to cooperatives, to single family dwellings and new constructions at various price ranges for the past 20 years.

Related Cases

Case 1

Closed on new construction house through three different phases of construction up until the closing.

Case 2

Successfully closed on a short-sale property negotiating with the existing lender of the foreclosed property in conjunction with the new buyer's bank to close on the property.

Case 3

Recently closed on a property despite several issues with reference to the certificate of occupancy and the related zoning and building codes; as well as estate litigation liens on the property

Case 4

Concluded complicated closing on the real estate property on a townhome/condo in compliance with the condominium association rules and regulations.

Case 5

One note of caution, regardless of any real estate closing, caveat emptor matters, which is buyer beware. Thus, the necessity of a lawyer to tie up loose ends in any buying or selling a property.

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