Immigration Law

Our offices currently handle these types of filings:

H1b Visas

58,200 annual visas worldwide is still the limit. Singapore & Chile quota have the balance from annual quota of 65,000. 20,000 non quota visas are available for post graduates from USA. USCIS begins to accept H1-b petitions April 1, 2016 to begin employment in October 1, 2016.

R-1 Visas

Currently premium processing is accepted by USCIS provided the petitioner has been audited and inspected. This provision also applies for RFE.


One point on the Perm processing, the degrees from India with three years in bachelors followed by 1-2 years of masters program is credited to be an equivalent of a 4-year undergraduate program in US for the purposes of PERM, unless the undergraduate degree from India itself is a 4-year program, such as B. Tech degree.

Cases Handled By The Office

Case 1

In terms of a domestic violence case, a client from Latin America was referred to our offices from the legal Aid Society who was abused by her citizen husband. Our office filed papers for her permanent residency and it was approved within six months, in the form of her “green card.”

Case 2

The case cited above as to filing lawsuit against the USCIS, et al., for denial of citizenship, the case actually arose out of a civil contempt proceeding in a family court. That same client was involved in a “marital contretemp” which culminated to a contempt proceeding by a police officer who found that client to be disobedient to an “order” of the police officer, even though it involved a communication gap. From that point, a trial ensued and despite the family court judge’s order with probation, my office was able to prove that such an order was not a “crime of moral turpitude” as per the immigration law and hence obtained the citizenship for that client.

Case 3

Our offices had a client who was a industrial senior chemist/scientist who had over thirty patents to his credit and so Peter filed for his “green card” for him and his family. All the four members of his family obtained green cards excepty one aged out older child. The process involved “national waiver” self petition and it took a little more than two years to have the family their “green cards.”

Case 4

For another client, our offices successfully processed an international adoption involving all the phases of pre-adoption and adoption procedures of New Jersey, Immigration law and the local law of the country of adoption. It took less than two years.

Case 5

Our offices has processed H1b visa petitions ranging from a stockbroker, assistant pharmacist to computer professionals for the past 18 years.