This practice is restricted to uncontested divorces only that generate amicable settlements, or as commonly referred as "friendly divorces." Besides, these issues typically arise where marriages are performed in a foreign country but divorces occur in New Jersey involving issues of immigration.

Related Cases

Case 1

One case my office handled was between a party who lived out of the country and married a citizen of the USA abroad but decided not to live with the citizen any longer immediately after the marriage. So we represented the citizen to obtain a divorce in New Jersey while the other party remained abroad.

Case 2

The first case my office handled was from an immigrant wife who sponsored the husband from abroad, obtained green card for him, and he went with another woman and divorced her. My client, unable to speak English, came from another firm disappointed and confused, and my office negotiated the property settlement and she ended up with the property and joint custody. Today she is remarried and has a son of her own.

Case 3

A few cases of divorce involved "friendly divorces" where the parties do not want to go to court but settle their differences by coming to a some understanding of their concerns and then file the settlement agreement in court based on pertinent cause of action for divorce. Parties then leave each other with much less despair and anxiety.

Case 4

Without specifying the details of some cases, the summary of a certain type of divorces are that a non-immigrant visa becomes part of the spousal concern at the time of divorce. There are issues concerning loss of immigration status, depending when the divorce has to be filed and how the pleadings are drafted in light of certain laws such as domestic violence, or marriage sham act, or some other dependents' related aspects of divorce. The law is complex and fact-sensitive to elaborate in a paragraph here but suffice it to know that it covers multi-discipline practice such as divorce and immigration law.

Another case involved a lady referred from the legal aid society who had been abused domestically. The other party had consistently avoided the courts due to some criminal record. So it turned out to be primarily an immigration matter with divorce as a secondary matter and my office obtained the green card in six months for her and divorce was not an issue in that case.