Corporate & Non-Profit Organization Counseling

Our offices handled various corporate matters that cut into closings, settlements, divorces, or immigration related matters, at various degrees. From start-ups to resolutions to settlement agreements, the corporate matters were handled for different levels of small business owners.

As to non-profit counseling and representation, our offices handled more than five religious entities, some involving religious visas and its violations. These non profits typically involved 501c3 issues from formation to final determination by IRS.

How it works:

Corporate Matters

In a short paragraph, corporate matters involve forming a suitable legal entity for the client, the consequences of it, the agreements that go into it and tax implications. Usually they are limited liability comapnies or corporations, besides partnerships. These corporate questions usually come up at different levels of a transaction, buying or selling business, resolutions, taxes and the like. They invariably involve leases when someone is either renting or selling businesses. For the immigrant clients, they have a unique set of implications depending on their visas.

Non-Profit Organizations

As for non profit organizations, they are usually more than twenty varieties but predominantly religious and charitable organizations stand out. They are considered as non profit organizations because they have special criteria that applies to them in order to benefit exemption from income taxes and other such benefits. For example, non-profit organizations such as 501(c)(3) types cannot have any benefit solely accruing to one individual in the whole organization. Otherwise, it may be construed as non-exempt and thus subject to losing that exempt status and income taxes accrue. How to set up one such entity involves state level planning, bylaws, and federal level in terms of Internal Revenue Code via IRS.

These 501(c)(3) entities are set up with a clear view of their dissolution, if and when it happens, or the complexities involved in it such as the office of Attorney General's involvement and the registration requirements on an annual basis. Otherwise, consumer affairs agency may get involved in ensuring compliance.