Civil Defense Litigation

Assortment of cases involved defendants who had to be defended in a lawsuit with various stages of litigation, including trial and settlements. One case involved lawsuit for $ 250,000, but settled for $ 100,000; or cases involving immigrants with visa issues that require understanding of fundamental immigration repercussions.

Related Cases

Case 1

Defended a franchisee of an out of state developer who was sued by a franchisor. The motions filed were successful in state court in New Jersey./p>

Case 2

Successfully defended a H-1b employee who was sued by the employer on a restrictive covenant and the matter was settled.

Case 3

Defended a debtor, who was a restaurant owner, in action by the secured creditor in civil litigation. Actually, a few fell in this category of defense of debtors who were sued by secured creditors.

Case 4

Represented foreclosed defendants at various levels of litigation. One client had a combination of foreclosure and subsequent closing of real estate property.

Case 5

Settled matters in litigation before they went into advanced stages of litigation.