General solo practitioner since 1995 with experience ranging from adoption to zoning; in appellate practice included cases of domestic violence and civil judgments; and draft wills and trusts as part of estate planning for the client.


Juris Doctor, Seton Hall Law School, New Jersey
Bachelor of Arts (cum laude), Baruch College, New York
Bachelor of Science, Osmania University, India

Outstanding Cases

Bolusani vs. Alberto Gonzales (now Eric Holder) (AG); Secretary of State (DHS); and District Director of USCIS

Our offices represented a plaintiff and won in the case in the federal district court in Newark, New Jersey, by filing a complaint for denial of citizenship by USCIS, CV-07-3453. The petition for naturalization was denied by USCIS at Newark' office in New Jersey and also by their subsequent administrative hearing, according to the federal regulation. A complaint was filed in the federal district court and after a year and a few motions; the matter was remanded to the USCIS in August 2008 where the citizenship was approved within a week of Remand. The case is complex and involved a few issues. The petition involved issues of civil contempt conviction; "probation" and other underlying issues posing on the question of good moral character. USCIS' interpretation was successfully challenged in federal district court to obtain citizenship for the client.